It pains me to describe myself because I am constantly changing. I’m addicted to growing, so you may notice this page change pretty often.

Anyway, I find labels to be stupid. Humans love to compartmentalize every little thing and I hate it. So I’ll attempt to list everything I do, simply.

Human. Male.  Son. Brother. Boyfriend. Nomad.  Tree Hugger. Plant Eater. Animal Lover. Actor. Writer. Poet. Creator. Athlete. Speaker. Former Substance Abuser. Agent of Change. Solutionary.

I’ve got a short attention span and I seem to operate in waves of interest that can fall into two categories. Art and Business.

For a few months I’m a savvy businessman getting licensed in subjects I temporarily have an interest in only to be followed by a single seed of doubt that brings it all crashing down. I spiral into a depression and begin writing SLAM Poetry like I get paid to do it. I take part in independent films shot locally to the greater Tampa area, and I may write a paragraph or two toward the novel I’ve been writing for years. 

Validation makes me happy, but it also stifles my interest. That small moment of gratification that sounds something like, “Dude, that is really fucking good” is the worst thing I can possibly hear. For that moment, I humbly say “Thank you…”, but then I lose motivation to continue because I’ve already received gratification. Then the doubt sets in. They didn’t mean it. They only said it because they like me, or want to protect my feelings, or want something from me. Then I convince myself that no one understands my “art”, so I might as well go into business and not starve for something only I understand. And the cycle starts over.

This has been my life for the last decade. In the last ten years I have lived in three states and six cities. I can’t remember every address I’ve had and I’ve held more jobs than I care to admit…I’ve lived in my car, survived an apartment fire due to a stoned Japanese roommate falling asleep while cooking bacon at 3am, been on film sets with porn stars, been beat up by LAPD, attended red carpet events, woken up in the passenger seat of my own running car at 6am, woken up in someone else’s car at a gas station at 6am… among other circumstances.

In my 28 years of life I have lived hard, I’ve loved harder, and in the buzzing digital age, why not share my memories with whoever is interested in reading…because I’ve seen a lot, done quite a bit, and transformed because of it. My life has evolved over the years and although I may not be the escapist I once was, my life is no less exciting. Its just that my outlets and interests have changed.

So welcome to my little world on the web where you can dabble in my memories and judge me without me being the wiser… and if you want to reach out and tell me I’m an asshole, you can do that, too.

You’ll be able to check in on the progression of my Personal endeavors, Artistic journeys, and Business adventures. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some inspiration along the way.
One thing is for sure…nothing is guaranteed and you’ll never look at me the same again.