#theCreative : ​A Miserable Artist, In Love

A Miserable Artist, In Love

Which came first, the artist or the misery?

Something newfound

Blindsided with spontaneity

So I fell hard and fast

Tortured by thoughts that it will not last

She slid by me slow, her actions subtle

So timid and shy, every response a struggle

This added to her charm

So we subtracted the day together

She shines like the sun

She’s the perfect weather

But I dwell in this cloud, this cloud of uncertainty

it’s too early to tell if she speaks truth to me

“I’m a perfect mate”, I display for her to see,  fighting these urges to pick up and leave

“She’s just another girl”, my ego pleases me

But love is an ocean and my heart is lost at sea

Only time will tell if she is right for me…

So which came first? The artist or the misery?

– Sean

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