Welcome to the page that is to be quite a circus of experience.

Long story short, I have the attention span of a Tasmanian Devil. I show up, I give 110% and do my best to stir shit up, and then I disappear as if I retreated into a crack den for a three day binge, only to revisit every so often. That being said, I’m awesome at starting things, but I’m horrible at maintaining them and sometimes, even finishing them.

The reason I am starting this blog is to keep up with myself, have something to refer to, and have something to share with those who may be able to relate to the way I live my life.

I operate within what I like to call “Wave Operation”. Things come in waves. For a few months, I’ll be incredibly business savvy and hold interest in start ups, networking, marketing, and money. Then, for unknown reasons, I develop a resentment for business, fall into a slight depression, and contemplate suicide while writing SLAM Poetry, Novel concepts, film scripts, songs, and overuse the shit out of commas.

My life teeter-totters between Art and Business. I transition from a Millionaire Mindset to a brooding artists in 24 hours. So, that being said, this blog is going to consist of Personal activities, artistic endeavors, and business adventures as they occur through written word, photos, and video. These will be differentiated by #theEveryday, #theCreative, and #WorkLife tags in the post titles.

I’ll share memories of my gritty past, obstacles I’ve overcome, decisions that became catalysts for positive change, and daily activities all pertaining to Plants, Art, and Business.

I’ll include more later, but for now, I’m having trouble keeping my attention on this Disclaimer. So, cheers, and I hope to see your comments soon 😉 – Sean


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